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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Off To Kay Kay

halu! halu! here I come again! okay.. kejap lagi nak off g Kay Kay ;) nak hantar adekk c sleeping girl who sleep next to me ;) well, yesterday I'm suppose to follow my dad to take her at SMESH but I'm lazy and suddenly change my mind cause tired of walking back to home from driving practice yang nasibnya x la nak berapa jaoh dari rumah saya tapi I had to walk upside down hills... *malang2* baru tuhh ditambah pulak desire saya yang nak tengok TV... nak tengok Full House & Marimar.. hahaha! lol... terok tol.. btw, blog ni saya dah ubah suai... don't forget to drop some comment ar ^^ ok... nak siap2 dulu.. ;)

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