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Sunday, September 18, 2011

tiara's dinner


hey cheeties... as i said on the previous post... nak update gmbr dinner kat tiara hotel~ ok, before that, since too many people gonna join dinamic'c dinner.. we have been dividen into three groups... the first group gotta hav dinner first that is on 10th Sept... right on after accounting day out's night... kesian... mesti korg penat kn... well, tutorial kiteorg dinner on the next night and unfortunately, i gotta in charge as photographer for that night and that is not ohsem since i just ate a lil bit food bcoz the food is oledy finish and i'm the one who eat last!!! i hate it.. its not worth for my rm50!!!! damn hell... whatever~ there's nothing that i can do since it already past~ ok, here's the pictures.. enjoy :)

tgh menjamu selera~

agak blurr.. suasana ball room~

something wrong with the lens i think...
anyway... jen and alvy... 

again... from the left, yatie, dank, collie n yeah :)

jaspher from t21... singing :) 

the twin, diana.. but not with the boy next to her ok.. her twin sister was not here~

diana and nabila

dank and jen from t20... rock out the night babes!

happy having dinner at tiara bebs?

sketsa:) from t19 n t20!

jerry acted as a man without one hand asking for money

it is enough? nope? yeah.. i know... the hell is we don't have perfect videos of the night since org yg ambil video tu ambl video enth pape~ he make me in trouble making full-show movie for MED nanti... i was so so so upset about this... and u know what.. he take a lot of pictures of his friends.. i do to but kena la brpada-pada.. takkan bateri cam habis gegara tu jer... then video yg dia ambl totally short! within 10-30 seconds only.. what the hell with u man? if u r to lazy moving from ur sit taking pictures n videos why don't u just ask me to do it... u r so!@#$%^&*(! hell to u... u make everything miserable to me in making blast show for MED! u owe me that.. don't u ever show up in front of me next time!!! arghhhhhh! pemalas kaw mamat!!! eishhhh.... [sorry, mood marah gla]

kesian korg.. ahhahaha... enjoy some pictures... "again"

sandy from T20.. she's cute right?!
she also my fellow photographer :)

theo :) fellow photographer too :)

the table :)


kanak2 CP

T20 and joy sesat!

AJK's of the night.. sampai trtinggal bas ekk~

mimie and i :)

people enjoy the night

last but not least... me... sempat lg gambar2 kat wc.. hahaha

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