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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Confused!

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 here I am again.. around 10 o'clock like that tadi my sister, Izzan Khalidah who newly moved school from SMK Lohan to SMESH called us after prep.. She said students at there non-stop studying.. prepare for their examination with just around the corner... proud of her cause she make it.. ok, return to what I am gonna to write about today, I'm confused.. After the phone call from Izzan, as usual (when I'm do not have nothing to do)
I'm read blogs and online facebook.. here the story, I'm google-ing for Hana Tajima a designer from UK and guess what she's beautiful.. I would like to see her in person! She were also stylish and cute.. I do read her blog's lately and she inspired me.. not only her but Yuna and Kak Fatin Liyana too! they inspired me how to become stylish even we impose hijab. so lovely, urban, vogue and vintage... I love kakak2 sekalian! hey, I'm about heading out from the title bha kan? I'm sleepy, may I tell u tomorrow saje? penat.. memacam yang happen hari ni.. ok.. I'm heading to bed for rest and sleep.. good night everyone~ TO BE CONTINUE [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

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