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Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm not like THEM


I'm not like them. Is it too late to regret? Hmm.. I don't even know.. I felt like I'm so stupid and such a bad bad bad and really bad girl. what the hell of myself. I've been changed a LOT! not a bit. And that changes led me to goodness and badness. ridiculous, isn't it?.. hmm.. wondering why I am talking and thinking like this? the answer is simple. I'm starting to hate myself.. less self-esteem I guess... Now, one month has past after the SPM. I'm so regret cause I didn't give the best for it. Maybe because I've enjoyed to much.. Only Allah knew what I felt.. I'm sorry to my parents and my siblings.. also to my teachers and MYSELF... I think I'm the dummy~ Guess, yes I am.. I don't know what should I do now.. My future.. Seem, its hard for me to decide what I'm going to be.. Teacher? Doctor? Engineer? Police? Oh Allah.. please help me... make life easy for me... I knew that I'm such a bad bad bad girl since everything has been ruined.. ruined myself.. I shouldn't blame others cause I knew I should blame myself... I'm not perfect. I'm not a hardworking person. my attitude? oh, its sometimes okay and not! please~

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